A role model is someone whose behavior and character can be imitated, especially by young people. Role models are strong, courageous, professional, and they carry themselves with grace and class. So why is it important for our young girls of color to have role models?

The Unfortunate Truth

Girls of color, specifically, need role models because society already puts set stereotypes against them. Some stereotypes include, getting pregnant at an early age, being a drug addict, having a bad temper and flipping out over every situation, conducting themselves in a loud and ratchet manner, and only being athletically gifted at running track or playing basketball.



Zendaya, being only 22 years old, she stands up for racial prejudices and educates on diversity. She is an actress and to ensure that there is more African American representation on the television, she stayed and continued to act on her Disney channel show, Shake It Up.


Solange is an artist with a unique style that is relatable to many women of color.

Her hit song “Please Don’t Touch My Hair” acts as an anthem for black women everywhere. She inspires us to love ourselves and set our own standards and not conform to anyone else’s.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is extremely wealthy and powerful, however her affect and influence on women is remarkable.She uses her resources to enact positive change in communities worldwide, such as fostering literacy through her book club, building a school in Africa, encouraging others to perform good deeds, and she campaigned tirelessly for Obama.


A role model does not have to have a set age limit. You do not have to be in your late 50’s to early 60’s to start impacting others. Your age has nothing to do with your ability to be someone’s role model, it is about whether you make up your mind to do something greater with your life instead of conforming to society’s perceptions. Usually, those major women who are doing big things in the world emulated someone as well.

Role models don’t necessarily have to be famous either. It can be your mother, your grandmother, an aunt, or someone in your community who is a doing a good deed not because they are getting a check from it, but because they love what they do for the community. So it’s time to make up your mind and make something of yourselves. Our stories are too great to be in the background. It’s time to stand up and break out of the shell that society puts us in. We are strong women of color and it’s time for us to make a difference!